A.L. Parker

A.L. Parker is an author who has been published in Rock Sound magazine and on various music and gaming websites and currently writes for TrophiesonPSN.com. When not writing, Amy can be found listening to music too loud, watching hockey (LET’S GO PENS!) or playing video games. She also has a keen interest in horror, especially zombies and loves reading graphic novels and anything written by Hunter S. Thompson. You can visit her at www.anatomyofmusic87.blogspot.co.uk and on Twitter @amyparker87, where you’ll find her easy to talk to and only slightly annoying during the hockey playoffs.


A.L. Parker’s Books

Written Reckoning

Twenty years ago, a mysterious infection gripped the entire world, turning ordinary people into vicious cannibals. Until now, the pain, anguish, fears and losses suffered have been kept concealed by those too broken to relive their terrible ordeal.
While trying to escape his home of Pittsburgh, which had succumbed to the infection, young writer, Matt Everett, documented his harrowing struggle to keep both himself and his friends alive, while traveling across the country in search of safety and answers.
He did all of this to both preserve his sanity and describe the awful truth about a time when humanity was almost wiped out, for any future generations that may somehow exist.
This is that story. This is the truth. This is the world’s ‘Written Reckoning’.