E.J. Hinze

One of our youngest authors, E.J. Hinze was born in Michigan, currently residing in the state of Texas. She is a student in high school, and has a passion for writing.


EJ’s Books

The Master Plan

Avery Sterling just can’t seem to catch a break. Between her uncle being mysteriously murdered and dealing with tough co-workers she is assigned to find out what happened to her uncle. When she comes up with evidence to support the case, she is abruptly shot down for the lesser value of the evidence. She has decided to take the case into her own hands, desperately seeking answers. When she meets Sebastian, a seemingly insane man who knows a lot more then he’s leading on, she starts to discover new found information about her uncle and what he was really doing the night he was murdered. As she finds out more, the more she realizes how deep she’s getting herself into the world of mass destruction.
Is putting her and her partner – Scott’s – life at risk worth finding out what happened to her uncle the night he was murdered? Or is there a lot more to her uncles murder then she realizes.