Mary Harner

Mary Harner has lived in Bowie, Maryland; Dallas, Texas, Olean, New York; and currently, lives in Manhattan, Kansas. Her day job is as a physics researcher while she studies for a Master’s Degree at Kansas State University. Her work involves unending hours in a dark basement where she shoots lasers at things. To stave off the insanity, she imagines new worlds where the basement and lasers don’t exist. Occasionally these stories end up on paper.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Bonaventure University, In addition to writing and science, she realizes her need for creativity through drawing. Most of her writings projects begin as doodles in the margins of notebooks.


Mary’s Books


Seraphina was born with an especially strong talent for the art of Sand Lore, the ability to magically control sand. She has done everything in her power avoid the attention of the State Mages, who forbid anyone outside of their ranks from calling upon the magic, and use their power to oppress the people living in The Great Desert. When she steals a book worth more than she can imagine Seraphina is forced out of her comfortable life as a thief.
The youngest State Mage, Cyrus, chases her into the wild desert that surrounds her home. With nothing left to lose, Seraphina decides it’s time to take a stand rather than hiding from the State. Years before, her Grandfather was arrested for making such a stand, and Seraphina decides it’s time to bring him home.
As she embarks on her quest to save him, she discovers the State has an evil secret much deeper than her missing Grandfather.
Can she save her desert home from the State’s misdeeds before it’s too late, or is the price too high?