Richard Becker

Richard L. Becker is a graduate of Lehigh University and Yale Law School. He practices family law in Kansas and Missouri.
His fiction is showcased at  He can be reached at


Richard’s Books


The Catch

A lethal injection looms in Amber’s future for the alleged murder of her family. To avoid it, she will appear on a reality show in which contestants vie for a bachelor’s love. The winner is granted freedom. The catch – the bachelor is an S&M fanatic who practices his arts on the contestants, and the penalty for losing on the show can be death. Amber knows there are tremendous risks in being a contestant, but she didn’t think one of them would be falling in love.

Hell Beckons

Sandy’s a beautiful and playful witch who violates the Wiccan Creed by casting harmful magic to satisfy her needs. Johnny’s a part-time rock singer driven to fulfill his darkest fantasies. Together, they cut a bloody trail across the American landscape with the assistance of Ravagers – demonic entities that feed on human misery.
Are they about to become heroes?
After terrorists devastate the nation’s children, the President turns to Sandy and her magic for help. He had known her years ago; they are former lovers forever joined by one unspeakable act.
So Sandy and her murderous boyfriend are asked to come to the aid of America, to use their special gifts to battle terrorists on the streets of American cities and in a war-torn Middle East nation.
But can the President trust the beautiful witch? Can Sandy do enough good to make amends for the evil she has caused? Does she even want to do so? And why does she involve Ravagers, who seem to have plans of their own?
Sandy is part-demon and part-angel, a sensual woman desired by many and feared by all, and she takes anyone who will follow on a journey steeped in violence and lust, in which the destination is known only to her.
The fate of humanity lies in her hands. And if Sandy has learned anything, it’s that the use of magic can lead to unforeseen and tragic results.